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Wish Sample and Hold/Glitch block

I've been wanting this so bad! I actually made a comment in a thread that wanted something similar a while back, telling the person about these pedals. For me, the cost of these pedals is juuuust a little too high for me to justify under my current budget. But theres so much that could be done with these! The main reason i think its a really great idea on another level is that with the ax8 and fx8, having more cool effects could be a big draw, stuff like this glitch/stutter, updated pitch algorithms, maybe some preset modulated delays(can already be done with send/return, but why not?), autowah, and other bells and whistles. Not essentials, but the meat and potato's are so good at this point, i want some herbs and spices :p pleeeeease cliff! :p

If we do ever get this effect, can sample speed be set to controllers?, so i could set the range to 2 different ratios and sweep between them with a pedal or lfo, 0.25 being quarter speed, 0.5 half, 1.0 whole, 2.0 double, etc, sort of like in the ring mod? Also, having latch and playback direction as programmable switches would be awesome too, vital in the case of latching. Another cool feature would be repeat decay, basically a decay knob that at 100 is infinite, 0 is 1, or even a sample length drift, at 12'o'clock repeats stay the same, and either direction makes them longer/lower, or shorter/higher, maybe 100 centsturned all the way.

Also i would take even the simplest implementation, seems like a slight modification,of the looper functionality would suffice for many uses. Though the addition of the latch mode would be a little different than anything else on the axe, other than say the noise gate, in a sense
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I'm new to the forum and the wish list idea - does someone from Fractal let us know what stage a wish list item is in? By that I mean "not available", "in consideration/testing" and "implemented"? Or will it be implemented and we get the email with an update letting us know? Thanks!
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