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Rush's Permanent Waves full album performance!


So much talent... for a drummer? lol

I was at an impromptu jam with a good friend and a pro horn player was there socially. He sat down at a cheap keyboard and blew our minds lol... then apologized for not being a keyboard player lol


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Now THAT's a bedroom player! No surprise he's already in sideman biz.
He's one of the few I've seen get the bass tone right. Wonder what he's using.
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dr bonkers

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The cover of Entre-Nous is so spot on, I had to sync up the original just to have a reality check.

Natural Science was also incredibly done.

The bass tone is excellent too.

This is incredible! <goes off to burn all my instruments>

Rich G.

I've listen to this a few times now. I think what really brings it together is the production. I watched a video of him doing Freewill from 6 years ago. He had it down musically, but the sound of it was pretty dry. All the parts sounded 'individual'. There's something he did on the new production that created a cohesive bond between all the elements. I don't know if it's an overall touch of reverb or what. I have the same trouble with my own recordings. I don't know what that 'secret sauce' is that creates a unified sound.


Holy cow! Guys like this and the 13 year old girls playing Yngwie make me wonder what line I was standing in when I missed out on the talent that was passed out to amazing individuals like this!


I was just listening to this album today, this guy not only has mad skills at reproducing to the Tee! but playing all the instruments.

I want to know what he used to cop all the guitar tones ?


Whoa! Reminds me of how much I like this album. Was a time when it was in my cassette deck (ha) every couple of days for months. Thanks Rush, Tyler, and Willowdale.
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