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Run - Leona Lewis cover


My new release on my youtube channel.
For this project i used my Fender Stratocaster and my Eastman T184 MX
The preset i used for the Eastman is a Satriani preset from Gurtejsingh with some adjustments. I hope you like it.
You can find this preset on Axechange



Yes I like it. The AXE FXII is such a great tool for guitar players and you certainly showcase that plus you really feel what you play. Thank you
Thank you for your kind words. I record my guitar straight into my Daw with no after effects form any other software.

The fractal is such a great tool to use. It can handle every style of music.
There are so many posibillities. After a few years of use i'm still learning and discovering new things on the Fractal.
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