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Round and Round Request


it isnt the full patch. its just the harmony/pitch effect setting. if you save it to your effects folder, you should be able to recall it in axe edit by right clicking an empty block, recall settings it should be in there.


I've managed to get fairly close. The attached patch uses the Cust Shift.

Set your Custom Scale #1 in the global menu as follows:
A = +4
A# = +3
B = +4
C = +4
C# = +5
D = +5
D# = +5
E = +6
F = +3
F# = +4
G = +5
G# = +3

This sounds pretty close IF you are using a guitar tuned down 1/2 step to E flat & you play DeMartini's part - starting on the B string 20th fret.


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