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Rolling Stones Preset

This is the preset that I use in my Stones tribute band, and I think it sounds very close to Keef on his late 70s/early 80s studio recordings. Not surprisingly it uses the Tweed Twin 5F8 amp, which he's known to tour with. I use it with a Gibson Les Paul with P90 pickups, but you'll wan't a single coil or humbucker for certain songs. The preset will work well with (to name a few):

Brown Sugar
Live With Me
Monkey Man
Honky Tonk Woman (use single coil)
Little T&A
She's So Cold
Tumbling Dice
Jumpin' Jack Flash
Miss You
Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
Beast of Burden

I do use other more specific amps/presets for some of the above songs, but this is a good general one for covering their music. My philosophy is to change up my guitar tone frequently to keep the audience from getting ear fatigue. An interesting bit of trivia on Tweed Twin amps... there were few of them made and very few left in the world. Actor Steven Seagal collects them and has eight. He said "Between me, Keith Richards and Eric Clapton we've got them all..."


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I'm using cabIR.eu "VX-CA30TB_FOCUS_CAB_414" from their core tone starter pack for my cab. The preset is relatively clean but should be "edge of breakup" with P90s and humbuckers... Keef didn't use heavy distortion. If you have single coil pickups you'll need to boost the input drive on the amp a bit. More recently I've been using this preset for my stones work. Scene 1 is clean and scene 2 is dirty. I'm using an ownhammer cab for that... 412 MRBW M75 balanced t2


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