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ROD: The All Analog Studio Amplifier of the future...


Fractal Fanatic
Digitally controlled analog amps are not new. I found them preferable to modelers 20 years ago. But not today.


i saw this and immediately thought "and what would distinguish your amp from the black widow tube preamp?". I guess the fact that you have the power tubes in there? find the synergy stuff to be more interesting to me.


Fractal Fanatic
If I was launching a new audio product, I'd sure try to have demo videos that sounded better than the ones on that site. Sounded like a singer with his mouth full of marshmallows. With a bit of tweaking to the PEQ I suspect I could get my Axe-Fx to sound as "moofy" as the ROD.


This makes no sense to me.

You get all the issues and weight with tubes and a fiddly digital interface. Seems like the worst of both worlds to me.

dr bonkers

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At least have a demo in a properly treated room and miked competently.

Here's a nearly $5K USD amp with a killer player in the worst reflective office ever miked with an IPhone 3GS based on the sound quality. No wonder they didn't sell a ton of these either:

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