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Rocktron All Access - Help Needed


Hi all,

Is there anyone who can share the settings they are using with their All Access and Axe FX? I having trouble getting mine to work. For some reason, it wont switch channels.

I see the Midi In light flash whenever I switch, but there is no other response from the Axe. I've tried various configs on both units to no avail, and have tried several different midi cables as well.

One thing to note - this unit (the Rocktron) was last know to be working, but after trying a reset to the factory settings, I received some odd error codes (but the reset "seemed" to work).

I'm not looking to do anything fancy right now, but just want to be able to select a few presets using the controller. Any thoughts or advice would be welcome.

Right now I have the following in the I/O-> Midi settings:

Midi Channel:Omni
Prog change:On
Mapping mode:None
Map from:0
Map to:0
Sysex ID:00 01 74
Display offset:1
Ignore redundant: off
Send realtime: All
Midi PC offset:0
The remaining values are all 0%

On the All Access side of things, there are probably too many to list, but I'm pretty sure everything is set to the default, save for the fact that I've changed to bank mode, with banks of 10.


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I would advice to use a sysex program like Bome's sendsx and hook the all access to the computer. then press your program change and see what happens


That's funny: that's my YouTube video. It's a bad cap on the power line to the display in my case that's letting through some AC ripple.

Sounds like you've got more serious issues though.


Fortunately there is a Rocktron authorized repair guy around. He's good too, so I might still get out of this w/o having to buy the offical fractal controller. Although, this might also be the excuse to get one. Then I'll have to get an atomic wedge... It never ends!!! ;)


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Hi, I would check the Output on the Power Supply with a meter and make sure you're getting a steady 9 Volts AC .


Hi, I would check the Output on the Power Supply with a meter and make sure you're getting a steady 9 Volts AC .

Good idea. I don't have a decent meter, but I just might have another 120AC->9VAC/2000mA adapter somewhere. Will at least save me a trip to the service place.

Problem is neither Rocktron support nor the service center had any ideas beyond a possible power supply issue. Hopefully, I don't have an $800.00 brick. :(
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