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Rockabilly-Swing For the Less Gainey Vintage Dudes


Notice how rounded and soft this tone is? It is a vintage Gretsch 6120-60 using the mono tape echo and royer ribbon mic.

The Gretsch is a zero fret, incredibly low action and flat wound strings makes it a bit stiff. And low gain with Filtertrons makes every note transparent.
Recording slap-bass this weekend over this track (SLAP Bass recorded) There is pedal steel and horns that are absent as to showcase the guitar tone.

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Cool! My bud had a Gretsch just like that with the Bigsby on it... It was stolen years ago!!! Nice guitar


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I've actually started dabbling into Rockabilly lately. I SUCK at it, but man is it interesting. There's some really great blues runs in there and I love how you play the actual changes instead of just shredding one scale. Classy.


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Nice man... sounds great- tone and playing. I hear a little Redd influence in there if I'm not mistaken.
Been wondering how you're getting along with the Axe II. That answered it.
Need to catch up again.. and get a lesson from you.


Wow! That was awesome. Love the playing and tone. It would be great to hear more stuff like that on this forum.

I really enjoy rockabilly, I'm a big Brian Setzer fan, but I can't play this stuff at all. <hangs head in shame>


that wuz AWESOME! thanks for sharing that....very inspiring! i think that is the first time i have heard rockabilly tunes from the axe....really dug it!


WHOA. Bad ass. I used to play in a (pseudo) rockabilly-to-alternative rock coverband. I am ashamed to think of those days when i hear this clip of yours. Very authentic look as well :)

Ant Music

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Thank you thank you thank you for posting something other than Djent! I really dig this. I usually just make my own patches but I might check this one out. I play a bit of swingy sorta stuff that this might suit. Yay! Sound is amazing! Please keep posting.
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