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Vendor Roby Rocks IRs

Roby Rocks


Our philosophy is providing a selection of IRs and mixes, to save the guitarist from spending hours finding what he needs.
Each package contains 10 IRs already mixed and ready to use, which differ by microphone types, microphone positions, mixes and more. Each IR is realized in several sample rates (44.1Hz, 48Hz, 96Hz) and lengths (200ms, 500ms) for a total of 60 IRs per package. All our IRs are MPT (Minimum Phase Transformed), so you can use them individually or combined with others without incurring in phase issues.
We realize our IRs using Apogee converters and a vast set of appreciated microphones (including SM57, U87, C414, etc.) pre-amplified with Neve 1073, API The Channel Strip and UA 6176. The choice depending on the cabinet we are capturing.

All my IRs are available on my website:
➡ https://www.robyrocks.it/ir/ir.html

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