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RIP XL+...?


I'm down in my Florida pad where my Xl+ resides, and while it does pale in many ways as compared to my III up north, it is still an awesome unit ( I'm enjoying a lovely Powerball preset right now) , and the last folks who got theirs before this apparent extinction should feel very good about themselves.


do those break?
Only instances I've come across a DSP "breaking" is when someone mounts a heat sink incorrectly during installation, or because of active cooling dies, but, I wouldn't expect the DSP to burn up even if the fan broke on the Axe, so that probably isn't even likley. Maybe lightening.....

Very, very unlikely overall. FAS probably has specific records, but I'd guess they could count the number of failures on one hand.


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IIR, FAS has said in the past that they always retain a limited store of parts for repairs. My guess is that they have a few of whatever has been known to break in the past.


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What an amazing piece of engineeering and a long product cycle that was fully supported with upgrades.

I went from a II>IIXL>III and all were purchased new from Fractal.

The customer confidence in Fractal product, upgrades and support makes buying new product a no-brainer.
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