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RIP Norm MacDonald


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I love this man and will miss his uniqueness dearly. I watched him perform live a few years ago and so glad I went. His moth joke remains one of my favorites to this day.
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One by one, our old friends are gone. Death, natural or not, prison, deported...
Unfortunate, Norm was brilliant.


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Wow no way....this is sad to hear. He was a great talent, funny, insightful, and a good guy all around. Several of my friends who work at the venue he performed at locally spent a fair bit of time with him, both before and after the show. and raved about what a cool, down to earth guy he was and how much of a blast he was to hang with.



Phhhhhhhhhh :0/ ..Note to self: No-matter how bad life gets, there’s always beer! ...gonna miss this guy… :0(


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My favorite comedian…this hurts real bad….
Redd Foxx, Rodney Dangerfield, Don Rickles, George Carlin, Mitch Hedberg and now Norm…
I currently can’t think of another comedian to fill the void left by these fellas…s h i t


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Even if I can not get every single joke (my bad english doesn't help...), he was great!
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