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Would have never been a guitarist if it weren't for "Eruption" that I heard the first time on the radio........ It made me find a music store to buy a guitar and sign up for lessons the next day. Thank You Eddie for your influence, RIP.


I really don’t get choked up over death, even when it’s a family member. However, scrolling through my FB feed and reading all the stories from people who were friends with him, or even here with everyone’s memories of their first VH experiences, it’s hard not to. Nothing we have in the world of guitar/hard rock/metal would be the same without Ed. Hell, name one amp that’s been on more metal albums than a 5150.

“Jump” was the first video I ever remember seeing. My mom was a huge VH fan, as was my uncle, who taught me how to play guitar. Balance came out the same year I started playing and MTV was airing a ton of live stuff from the tour, I didn’t even understand guitar tone yet but thought he sounded so damn cool and how wild it all sounded with the dive bombs, squeals and tapping. I ended up getting Live: Right Here, Right Now, Balance and F.U.C.K. through BMG Music or whatever was offering 10 CD’s for $0.01 back then and would play the hell out of them.

I imagine right about now, Dimebag is pouring Ed blacktooth shots while Jimi’s rollin’ a fat one and Randy is just there warming up, waiting for the craziest jam to start up.
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