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So sad. He was only 65. A tremendous influence on my guitar journey.
I didn't even know he was sick. Talk about a gut punch. I really still can't believe it.


Fractal Fanatic
Watched the episode of Two and a Half Men last night, when Charlie was in the recording studio with Mia and Eddie walks out of the bathroom with his guitar and fires off a lick...too funny!

Sad day indeed! :(


2020 is the worst year ever! Still remember the first time I heard Van Halen 1, and still influenced by all those licks.


Absolutely speechless, didn’t see that one coming! The biggest inspiration in my musical career, still remember that jaw-dropping moment back in 78, the first time I heard eruption (amongst others), one of the biggest tipping-points in rock history, especially for tone hunting guitarists. RIP Eddie and my deepest condolences to family.


I remember where I was when I heard You Really Got Me. And then I bought the album and before I got to You Really Got Me I had to pickup the needle and replay Eruption with a "What the Fuck Was That" expression on my face. I had a similar reaction when I bought Fair Warning and couldn't get past the Mean Streets intro. And then heard Push Comes to Shove on the same album.

The guy was constantly innovating. There will never be another like him.

This one is hard to process.
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