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RIP Bob Saget




Fractal Fanatic


That sucks. He performed here at the TLA in Philly a few years ago on my bday. I sat in front with my wife, who I took as a surprise as she'd never known him as anything but Danny Tanner lol.

At the end of the show, he flicked his pick at me (he performed some funny songs on acoustic) right before walking off the stage. I just put it in my pick jar and never touch it, but it always reminds me of that night when I see it.


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I'll always remember him for his rendition of The Aristocrats joke. Jesus. Of course I grew up watching him as Danny Tanner as well but the former is equally burned into my memory.


he was the best kind of celebrity…self-aware ,fearless , brilliant at his craft, generous, and truly twisted, with the secret ingredient of a heart of gold.
this one hit me hard for some reason, and I was not a watcher of any of his TV shows..wellok, maybe a little AFHV..but his live work and radio appearances were hilarious and real.
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