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#riffoftheday - GNR "Welcome to the Jungle"


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A couple days ago I started a new series of mini guitar clips on my instagram & facebook pages (@edosounds & @edofaiellamusic in case you wanna follow) to kill some time in quarantine, #riffoftheday, where I try to play and show a riff/lick in 1 minute.
Basically I make a poll, I pick a riff from the winning song and post it on my social pages.
Normally clips last 1 minute, but the winning song today was Welcome to the Jungle, and I just couldn't resist, so I pretty much covered the whole song. The tone is a work in progress patch for my upcoming Famous Rigs preset pack. What do you think?

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I see the hallelujah ambient improv on YT. Sounds pretty. Is that a stock preset
That is one of the ambient stock presets (can’t remember exactly which one right now, tomorrow I’ll check) and I changed the amp model


Ok, I confess.. I want them tones Edo. All of them. That was the most authentic sounding Slash preset I’ve heard on this forum in 5 years.
When can I buy them from you?
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