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Rick Beato


Subscriber here too. I really enjoy the "What makes This Song Great" series. There's quite a lot of very useful info in his other videos as well. We don't have cable anymore at home, and network TV reception is non-existent. So we either watch old TV shows on DVD, or I watch music related YouTube channels. Rick's is a great one to subscribe to.


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I don't like everything, but the stuff I do like, I really like it. His vid about how the pros use compression was enlightening. I finally got it. And the what makes this song great series is awesome. You often walk away with a totally new appreciation for songs you got tired listening too years ago. And his Apple rants, all the more hilarious as he's a long time Apple user, tickle my funny bone.

But what Chris said, disagree with him in the comments and he can come down on you like a cruise missile strike.


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His stuff is always worth a watch. Whether it's useful to you or whether you agree with him or not he's got some fantastic free resources.


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Love some of his videos but sometimes he lose the focus (the Apple rant is an example).
He owns (and runs) a nice studio too.


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Personally, I think his stuff can't be beato. He could use a lesson in humility and learn how to disagree respectfully, but some of his vids are great.


He’s an excellent guy who gives away lots of great information for free.

I found the steely dan video is great. He covers a lot of different concepts and genres which is cool. Lots to learn.


Have a look for the vids of his v young son Dillon(?) singing/saying/sounding all the notes of cluster chords Rick plays on piano. Pretty astounding ear.

Here you go, start hear!...
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