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Wish Revised Recto 4x12 speaker impedance curve names


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I feel like the current Recto 4x12 speaker impedance names are confusing. 4x12 Recto Large for example - Is that the Standard angled oversized? If so, what's the 4x12 Recto Slant? 4x12 Recto Small is probably the Traditional but which one? I think the impedance curve names should be closer to the product names Mesa has on their website, assuming there wouldn't be any trademark/branding issues.

Also, while we're talking about impedance curves, are the settings for Recto 4x12 Straight correct? It honestly sounds pretty bizarre and has a way different low frequency than the rest of them. Of course I'm not an expert in this area but I just figured I'd ask if it was actually supposed to be like that.

Hope this isn't too nitpicky. Thanks for all that you guys do.


I like getting infos too about the stuff I use because I'm inquisitive.
But I use the curve that fits to my amp/cab combination judging by ear, independent what the curve should be.
Most times ending with Recto large.

Because large is better every time 😉


I like this idea, but if memory serves I am not sure is Cliff knows exactly which model some of these were taken from. I remember reading a thread ages ago where Cliff speculated but there was an issue with limited notes or something and not all the information is to hand.


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For sure! I have the traditional Mesa straight 4x12 cab so was looking to send the signal/response that it would be looking for naturally. I’ll try the nail file test to identify the RF. This is all new to me. Love my FM9 so far!
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