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Review: Fractal X-Load LB-2


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Hey guys!

I got the LB-2 from G66 last week, great and fast service as usual!

I still love amp modeling a lot and I'll use that until the day I die but I wanted to also get some tube amps again.
It's a bit more of a hassle but the workflow is creative and fun, plus it sounds good.
I initially bought the Jet City Jettenuator but I wasn't super happy with it.
The sound was a little dull and I was missing a ground/lift switch as well as an instrument level output.
It was time for a better load-box so I looked into the LB-2 and I felt like a just had to get that one.

This thing is super sturdy and quite heavy for it's size.
It feels good in your hands when you hold it.
Another cool feature is that it lights up blue when you play through it, very nice touch!

The sound is much better than the Jettenuator.
The LB-2 has a more open and dynamically responsive sound and feel.
I really get the idea that the signal I'm getting out of the LB-2 is realistic of how an amp would sound through a speaker.
I do like the UK voicing better than the US voicing.
The Low end just seems fuller.

I already used this thing in a video with a Randall Diavlo 45 head.
It's an afforable but great sounding metal amp, a great amp to test this thing with.
Going to test this thing with more amps very soon so stay tuned for more!

Here is the video:



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I might be getting a 100w amp soon, do you guys think I need to be careful with the master control?
I don't want to risk overloading the LB-2.
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