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Review: Dynacord Axm-12a used as modeller-monitor

Nick Wood

New Member
Just thought i'd add something to this thread. I bought a second hand Axm-12a when I bought my AxeFx3. The Fractal sounds, of course, amazing in the studio but I could never get a great sound out of the Dynacord, so much so, i could never use it for live gigs. Thought i'd check out some forums about it and found all these great comments and reviews, which led me to this thread. Because it was second hand, I think the previous user had played with the dsp and i tried several different settings - some getting near, some not. But, thanks to the comments on this thread, i set it to a flat monitor setting....and wow. The difference really is night and day. Happy bunny! Hopefully this will help someone else with a similar issue.


New Member
AX8 owner here, just traded the DXR10 after almost 2 years for the Dynacord based partly on this review and wish I’d done it much sooner. So far I’ve onlyl tried it at home, looking forward to use it during rehearsals and gigs. Biggest advantage so far I’d say is the more defined low-end.
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