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Reverb too loud


Generally you need little to no reverb at a gig, becasue the venue is already going to be rather reverberant. At home you’ve got carpet, a smaller room etc, some reverb sounds good. If the venue is big, concrete floors etc, it’s already got high reverberation so what can happen is the added reverb just makes things muddy sounding.
I agree totally ! I was surprised how different the reverb sounded - at home only thickening a bit and at rehearsal same setting but more volume and it was annoying.


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A similar result can be obtained by keeping Reverb in series, with Mix at 50 and Level at 3 to compensate, and use Input Gain to dial in the desired amount of reverb. This will keep the dry signal constant.
Exactly what I do and this method also avoids dry volume jumps if the reverb gets disabled when using too much CPU.


After trying all - I figured out that for mixing the reverb I like more to have a parallel path in the AX8 with mix on 100% and adjusting with level knob. But in this way I am losing the option of the global reverb parameter. So I decided to hook up an external pot to adjust via extern1 the level of reverb - and it works just great for me.

Thanks for all your ideas !


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Hi Jens,
Try 7%


at tonights rehearsal I recognized that the reverb on my presets is way too loud. Well, so turn it down and thats it. But what is surprising me is that the dry/reverb mix is set to only 15% wet signal but still is too loud. How I can better fine tune the level of reverb? Is it normal that 15% wet is still so much of effect?

Thanks for ideas on that!


Mix and levels aren't the only adjustable Reverb parameters. ;)

If you set Time really low (like below 1.00), you can fatten up your tone without having the reverb call attention to itself.


I run reverb in parallel, with time set really low. Yes. It works for me.

I don't use reverb as... "special effects". Just a touch so guitar doesn't sound too dry.


I tried the global reverb mix aswell - after I activated the global button in the preset it worked also, but with less impact Now I decided to use an external pot to control the reverb level from -40dB to 0dB. The reverb is in parallel to the dry signal. Besides the bigger impact it can have on the reverb level it also gives me the opportunity to have direct access to the "reverb level" without diving into sub-menus to adjust it. To me feels more comfortable like this.
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