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Return of the Son of NGD

Joe Bfstplk

I havent had a blade switch on a prs in so long that i tried to pull the tone knob for a sec hahaha.
Actually, Hobbes' tone knob has a pull switch. It splits the 57/08LT, but instead of a full split, they used a 2.2k resistor from coil junction to ground to do a "partial split". Sounds really good, jangles nicely, and hums a lot less than a full split.

Had PRS come with a lever switch in 1985/6 when I first tried one in a tiny guitar shop in Toms River, NJ, I might have tried to save up and get one back then. The knob didn't seem to offer a good visual indication of where it was set like the lever switch does....

Joe Bfstplk

Beginning the early stages of 'me-ifying' the minor adjustments.

Starting with fatory pickup height, a quarter turn higher on the bridge pickup, but a quarter turn lower on the pole piece screws. The pole piece screws, which are closest to the bridge, seem to adjust the amount of presence/sparkle/zing on the bridge pickup, as well as affecting the same parameters in how it interacts with the middle in the next switch position over. Both the neck and middle pickups, a half turn lower on the bass side, quarter turn lower on the treble side. Takes a little output away, but sweetens the sound just a smidgen and balances perfectly with the 57/15LT bridge pickup's full output.

Really going to dig this guitar, I think....
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