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Requesting Change in Editor Windows for Presets


I am not sure if this is the correct sub-forum, so I apologize if it isnt.

When editing preset locations, if you select a preset, it loads in the software np, but when you return to the editor, the selected preset is now in the right hand column. Maybe that is by design, but it just sits wrong with me. I would really like it to be the left hand first column. Its a very minor thing I realize, and as I said, you all may have a very legitimate reason for it to be in the right column, but it just feels wrong to me - it feels weird. If you could perhaps make it a setup choice, it would be a nice thing. At least for me. I am sure the thousands of users out there don't care at all, but its just something I wanted to bitch about. Thanks for listening, and be happy that this incredilbly minor issue is what I had to write about - I have zero problems otherwise.

Thanks Guys - love my Axe.



if you're talking about Manage Presets in Axe-Edit, the area on the Right is for presets that are on the Axe, and the area on the Left is for presets that are on your computer.

is that what you're talking about?
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