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Requesting advice to improve Tone/Eq/Mix-levels on a recording (Vinnie Moore's April Sky )


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I've recorded Vinnie Moore's April Sky (a J.S. Bach arrangement). Iam not trying to emulate his tone, just getting a pleasant tone. I have spent so much time re-amping and equalizing to balance the mix that I believe that now my ears are tired, so I cannot discern what is more and what is less on the mix levels, or if I should go back to redo the individual tracks, or the choice of VST instruments :D

The initial guitar tones did sound cool isolated, but didn't sit well in the mix.

  • Rhythm Guitar: "Spandex & Hair Spray" factory preset, Scene 4
  • Melody: "Carol Ann OD-2" factory preset, Scene 2 (CAB Block Tape Preamp with mids at 5.5dB) adding Crystal Echoes Pitch Block and Ice Castle Reverb
So I had to re-amp and crank the mids to make them sit at the mix. But It is difficult to find the balance between increasing the volume or increasing the mids of the lead guitar.

What would you do different here? Is there some level over the place? Weird EQ? Any kind of criticism is welcome. (I am too old to improve my sloppy playing, though😅)

The drums is the "Hard Rock EZX - Softy" kit from SD2, the bass "Acoustic Trilian Bass", and the Strings "Symphony Essentials" from Kontakt

I think that now I begin to understand why Musician, Producer, Mixing Engineer, and Mastering Engineer shall ideally be 4 different persons
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So... The thing is that all of the shrapnel guys used the rockman into a twin, in the early days. The first three Vinnie Moore albums are some of my favorite ones, along with Tony MacAlpine's.

You are close, but I would try the Twin in Ax3 and add the Fet preamp (it can get close to the klon), with a compressor at the beginning of the chain. For a cab I would try something with V30s. Keep the Crystal Echoes Pitch Block and Ice Castle Reverb. I would think this would be a good starting point to get closer to Vinnie's twin with the Rockman tone. Cranking the Mids is a must for this tone, no matter what you use. Keep the rhythm guitars mids cut some in the 770ish range, so the leads fit better in the mix.

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