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Request: Funky, poppy, 70's, strat tones (George Duke - Reach Out)


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Hi all

I'm covering George Dukes: "Reach Out" with my band, and I can't seem to get the rhythm guitar sound that I want. I'm going for this live version guitar sound:

My best bet is something like a Fender Twin Reverb, some pretty specific compresser settings, and some chorus.

Does anyone know how to get something similar?

I already have the single coil equipped strat.

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The tone you're after made me think of something I'd been messing about with last night.
It isnt a direct attempt at your tone, the chorus is nothing like your tone, but it's a good starting point


  • 6G12 CONCERT.syx
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Miss George Duke...he was greatly responsible, pre pop/jazz/funk success, for some of Frank Zappa's most inspired music......


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Forgot to say that this was done on my AX8, so you may need to run it through Fractool to convert it


I thought to post of using that sound to play James Gang "Funk 49". Is it possible to post audio to this forum?
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