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REQ: Guns 'N Roses Welcome To The Jungle


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I have been trying and trying to get the delay for the intro, and just can't seem to figure it out. I am not a very seasoned fx tweaker, so I am sure that is the main problem.

If you can nail the tone of the song as well then that would be a huge plus.



I think you need to run the delay between a drive pedal and a semi-distorted amp... Set the delay as dotted a quaver and choose the Shred drive and a JCM900 and an appropriate cab setup and you'll be there... Don't forget to post a clip!

Edit: Set the delay as mono, around 330 ms, feedback between 15-18 %... I ran the Shred and JCM900... Close for rock n roll...


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Thanks for the tips.

I have been trying your settings and haven't really found anything I like yet.

I did get a decent tone with the Fulltone 800 and a parametric EQ, but the delay eludes me.

It sounds like the repeated notes kinda swell up instead of just repeating with the same attack as my original note.
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