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Replace png files with vector images for much better resolution


The program is great, but please can the graphics be upgraded to allow for vector based images throughout axe edit so they don't look so fuzzy. Also if axe edit had an options menu for graphics, then we could have the option to set which screen we are using at home or elsewhere. Most screens now are something like 16.9, slightly wide screen, yet axe edit doesn't allow this properly so we cannot go full screen at all. Many people have a PC dedicated to the axe FX units and yet are blocked from using full screen. Also, if we have proper screen support, then we will absolutely need vector images instead of png or similar files that are presently used, because if you stretch the correct image types, they will get even more blurry.


I would love to see that implemented in every FAS software, mostly Axe-Edit and Cab-Lab


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I just bought a Surface 3 mainly for Axe Edit and it supports 1920 x 1280 so I'd love for it to look better scaled up.


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This needs to be implemented into Axe Edit and Cab Lab! It would eliminate scrolling on browser windows.
Especially with the resolution all computer monitors come in today, these default window sizes are just insanely small.
I assume it was designed for laptop screens, but It needs to be scalable for those of us who use this at home on a desktop with larger monitors.
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