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reloading amp model


updated from 6 to 8 firmware model and soe amp models are out of wack. It says in the FW 7 notes to reloaded by 'deselecting' and 're-selecting' the desired model,...

probably a dumb question but that is why I come here,... how is this done?


thanks, that is what I thought. I did that and it didn't help so I thought I might be missing something less obvious.


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This is always a pain for me too, wish they would just make it simple and clear. I found if you go thru the front panel and not the Editor, there is a section to reset amp blocks. This fixes the issue. Then you have to re tweak your amps, or I think you can just reload a saved configuration from before the upgrade.... ?


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Or in Axe Edit you can “reset current block.”
Just make sure you’re on the Amp Block and you have to do it for both X & Y states.
This resets the entire amp back to its starting point, but on the current FW.


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Such resets load new default values for some parameters, many of them are the ones that you usually don't touch when tweaking.
When you'd reload an old preset after the reset you'd overwrite the new default values again with the old values stored in that old preset.
So that doesn't makes sense.
When you reset and set all values back to the old state by hand you'd also set the new loaded advanced parameters back to their old values, no matter if they are old factory settings (that are history now) or your own tweakings (that might be still good settings, who knows). So that doesn't makes sense.
You need to leave some advanced parameters untouched when you set things back to their old state, otherwise it's just a roundtrip and it doesn't make sense.
What can you do?
Some all different ways:
1. Go on using your old presets without resetting, when you still like how they sound. Make small adjustments here and there to get it sound perfect to your liking. If you know where the update has it's impact tweak these settings to get an idea what changed. (Less work. No close accuracy to the modeled amp).
2. Find out which default values are affected, don't set back these parameters to their old values, keep their new default values. (Bit of work, no guarantee for best accuracy.)
3. Start amps new from scratch and tweak by ear again (best way to get closest accuracy, plenty of work)
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