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Rediscovered the Twin


In the tradition of a using a Fender Twin and pedals, there are vast soundscapes in the AX8.

Try the Normal Twin on X for that classic Fender clean, and the Silverface Twin on Y with the drive and sag up to the point where its on the edge of breaking up with some bounce. With an OD pedal it gives a crunchier (X) or smoother (Y) tone with the same pedal settings.

Since there are two Drive Blocks X/Y, there are 4 drive pedal options. Loads of fun.

Some cabinet options I favor with the Twins are: #20 for Strat or P90s, 21 for HB, and 91 for more "amp in the room" as it seems to have more bloom than 20/21: I also put together stereo cabs from factory cabs #142/140 and #142/84 (142 = 1x12 DLX J12-PR MIX, 140 = 1x12 DLX ALN-SLV MIX, 084 = 1x12 DIVISION 13 G12M Mix - not authentic perse - but nice with pedals).

Drive type and status and effects: delay, trem, chorus, rotary, and reverb conveniently configured with scenes. That's a cartload of tonal flexibility in one preset. Makes it easy to just copy the preset and make those obsessive tweaks for variant songs, different guitars, etc.

As for pedal choices: Everyone has their favorites: that's a thread in itself.

... starting to ramble now... should go play...


Fractal Fanatic
I think this clip sucks. It sucks because it reminded me that I have never successfully gotten a tone I like from any American style clean amp. I never have any time to create new tones but if I do I will give America another chance
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