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RedBox Five - CAB Pack for AxeFx II


sorry for a slight derail...

possibly I am tarded, but how to properly import IR to AXE.
I am on Win7/64 using BOT.
BOT connecting well and I choose the IR and choose target slot (no 25 in my case).

BOT says "transfer successfully to AXE) but its only goes to 75-80%, never 100%. I tried a number of times. and my no 25 is still empty (checking on AXE edit)
The BOT always stop at 75-80% here when transferring IRs but it is successful, seems it has something to do with a send buffer.
In your case, did you try to reboot the axe after the IR upload ?


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Looking forward to this. I have the original Red Box and just saw the new one in a store and was curious. A now-deceased teacher of mine, Mike Elliott, a monster jazz player, who was a student of Johnny Smith and friends/stage mates with Howard Roberts (did lots of duos with him) and Pat Martino did a self produced all VIs plus real guitar jazz album. What an insane amount of work. He recorded all VSTs live, no sequencing and no looping (though he would correct notes and velocities). He recorded the guitar through a signal chain ending with an original Red Box and it was his contention that it was as good a jazz guitar sound as has ever been recorded. I couldn't argue and he knew great jazz guitar tone A-Z having played with the best and also done tons of studio recording. I can't remember his whole chain, but he has a Fender tube power amp Red series, Red Box, an ART tube compressor and then used Waves plugins.

I've used the Red Box a few times and thought it worked great. It's one of the best $ to value tools I know of. Makes it really easy to get a good sound with amps with no micing. Thanks for doing this.


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TNX for sharing Man!
think sharing is the power of this forum... and the spirit of the whole www!!!
No secret recipe... the only one secret weapon MUST BE .... your attitude!!!
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