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Recording session 5/9/15 V. 18.10


Did a session for my friend, composer, and keyboardist, Rick Bottari, who opened for a Micheal Jackson tour, back in the day. He asked me to play a "COSMIC" lead at the end of a new tune called Jupiter. So here is the solo at the end of the song.
I used V18.10 > PLEXI 50W HIGH amp (141) and the 4 x12 fractal V30 At4047 cab(F061) stock settings plus reverb and delay.. Also, my FRACTAL Slow Gear BLOCK. Used my Gibson 2012 Robot Les Paul with Burstbucker III pick up. Here is my lead, competing sound wise, with full blown orchestration, at the end on the tune. Used my Slow Gear BLOCK, for the 2 swells, after the end of lead.

Side note: I had to sustain a very high note on the guitar, (22nd fret) for a 5 beat sustain, right before the riff (0.24 sec in), ONLY PICKING THE NOTE ONCE. He liked the sound, so getting more sustain by altering the amp was not a option, as I'm on headphones, with no live monitor, feedback was not a option.
Sooo.. I came up with a new pick technique.
Hit the note once with no vibrato AND HOLD IT COMPLETELY STILL. Then take the the point of the pick(pointed V-pick)and push the high E string sideways,(SLOWLY) on the fretboard, BEHIND my left hand (around the 12th fret) for VIBRATO, to keep the sustain for 5 BEATS. Then return to normal picking position and finish the solo shredding :encouragement:
Here is the final mix with credits on Soundcloud The lead on the final is at 3:27
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