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Recommend a line mixer for me


I went with a Samson SM10 a couple years ago. It was in the price range I was looking for (~300) and had balanced inputs and outputs which was important to me. Unfortunately, I have had a number of problems with it. I probably should have spent more....

Interesting about the experience with the Motu because that is where I was looking to go next when this one finally craps the bed.


It's (the Motu) just not easy to reach down and change your mix. If I decided I want more vocals in my monitor, or more guitars, I can't be fiddling around trying to go through on screen menu's. With the Behringer, it should be as simple as grab the knob for what I want to hear, and turn it up. Hopefully it's not a total POS.

Ha, but it's never as perfect as I want it. I just realized that my Voiceworks+ only has one set of outputs, so I'm going to have to use custom made splitter cables to send signals to both the mixer for my CLR's and to FOH. Otherwise, if I try to turn up my Vox in the monitor I'm going to change the FOH signal. For some reason this didn't occur to me earlier:hopelessness:. (sigh), it's always something!


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I think connecting your voiceworks unit to the mx882 and then split that signal (one for FOH, one for mix) is possible.
Once the level for FOH is set, don't touch that dial anymore. You can do what you want on the mixer side.

edit: Only downside is you lose a mixer channel this way.


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I have the Behringer Ultralink 882 (?) as well. I use it to:

  1. Feed the AXE to the RCF's
  2. Feed my monitor audio to the RCF's
  3. Feed a second pair of monitors for mixing
  4. Integrate a Mackie mixer's output so they can be run through the RCF's

And a few other tricks. To get all of the above, it literally took some rocket science in the hookup and routing. All in all I'm pleased, but I find that the RCF path does get a bit of what sounds like ground loop hum when I turn up the RCF's. I'm pretty experienced in chasing them down, and I can't find it. Also, it's not at a fixed volume. I suspect it may be the 882. Th problem is that it's so darned useful, I don't get any noise in my monitors, and it allows me to couple my monitor sounds to the RCFs, I put up with the little bit of noise it has.


I have had my Behringer RX1602 now for a few years to mix / choose the output of my 2 audio interfaces, a UX-2 and of course my Axe to my studio monitors. Works like a charm and never gave me any problem whatsoever. Each of its eight outputs can be switched between +4dBu and -10 dBv, it has an effect loop plus a headphone out that I use when the monitors are switched off.

When new, I A/B'ed the output quality with and without the RX1602 in the chain and could not detect any sound degradation.

In Europe, it can be had for 111 EUR - so should it ever break, one can simply toss it and get a new one at that rate.


I think connecting your voiceworks unit to the mx882 and then split that signal (one for FOH, one for mix) is possible.
Once the level for FOH is set, don't touch that dial anymore. You can do what you want on the mixer side.

edit: Only downside is you lose a mixer channel this way.
You could be right, but by reading the manual I couldn't see how. Maybe I'm just not seeing it. What I see is that each channel has an in and an out, the out is affected by that channels gain. SO... all I could come up with was VW+ into a pair of channels (for stereo - let's say 1+2). If I chain out of there into say 3+4, and out of 3+4 to FOH... it won't work. The gain on each channel effects the out... so if I turn up 1+2 to get more voice in my monitor (as opposed to turning up the main out just for more overall volume of everything) it will feed a hotter signal to 3+4, and drive up to FOH mix.

A spliter cable solves all of this, by sending a signal directly from the VW+ to my interface panel and out to FOH, but I worry about the signal being degraded if I spit a mono signal like that.

I don't know yet though... I should receive it tomorrow and I'll have to work with it to see what the deal is.

Xristi - my issue with the JTS is that the inputs are on the front. Won't work in my rack - (Well, I could probably make it work, but it would bug me... I'm a nut like that....

Plyall... I'd like to see how that routing is set up...? Any chance you have a diagram?

About the RX1602... at first look it didn't seem like the right product, but now it looks like it might have been a better choice. With that monitor output (TRS) I could use an insert cable to split my signal out to my 2 monitors (2x CLR... gotsta have that stereo sound!) If the 882 doesn't cut it... an upgrade may be in order here. It's only $50 more, and it might solve this small problem.

Shit... this is a long post and a long thread for such a simple little thing.... I'm freaking neurotic apparently. Blame it on my OCD!


Ah - HA! This is interesting.

I just discovered two new issues with my setup, and one more piece of gear that I think solves everything. (I really envy the guys who carry around just a 2 space or 3 space rack bag and don't need anything else. I think I'm just more complicated by nature...)

I just realized that the both the Voiceworks+ and the AXE-FX put out line level signal. All of that stuff is going to have to be padded, or run into some kind of DI box. I was about to order a new 16 hole interface panel from VFAM (I have a 12 hole now, but I'm short about 4 XLR jacks to route everything, and decided I had better just build a D.I. box into my rack. That's when I found this thing...

Behringer Ultra-DI Pro DI4000 | Sweetwater.com

4 DI/Pad ins and outs with output links. SO....
1) I get a DI box for stereo out of both my VW+ and my AXE.
2) I don't need a new interface panel, cuz the 4 outs I need are right on the front of this bad boy... in DI format!
3) I don't need the spliter cables now for the VW+ because I can use the link out of this into my line mixer and then out to my monitors.
4) This is $99, and the spliter cables and interface would have easily cost me over $200. Add the DI boxes, and I would spent $300 to solve all the issues that this one box solves.

That's it. Game over. Rack done. Very Happy. :p:p
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