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Recomendations wanted for wired or wireless earbuds


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Hey guys-n-gals,

I'm in the market for a pair of earbuds. I've been reading reviews and watching videos. Ultimately I'd love to be able to try before I buy but my area is limited. Not to mention the current state of things in the US. So I turn to the only forum I frequent for opinions.

In order of importance:
Highest fidelity for the price point.
Sweat resistant as I will use these mountain biking, lawn work etc.
Noise canceling of some sort a bonus.
Mic is a bonus but not a requirement.

Currently scraping by with Apple's basic wired ear buds and it's killing me. I'd really like to enjoy music while working outside or exercising. I've considered wireless earbuds at $300 ( Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 ) down to $50 wired earbuds. Just to be clear, I really dont want to pay $300 for earbuds but I'm desperate enough to consider it. So lets keep the price point below that. lol



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For exercise and ease of use...I go cheap.

Amazon product usually less than $20. They work great, sound good enough for running/bike rides/cutting grass.

For music - live or just really listening - I go KZ ZS10 Pro - wired for IEM use, and I have the bluetooth adapter cable for listening on walks and around the house. They work for other use but I find the foam earbud tips are better than silicone for my ears.


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Good call on the KZ's! Thanks! Just what I needed. Nothing bad to say about them at that price and a huge upgrade from the stock buds.

Can't wait to mow the lawn! :eek:
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