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Reamping freeze my PC (Solved)


Everything was doing great,,I record the wet and dry signals and then I found a preset for the dry one to peamp,,I record the dry with the new preset and I m ready to listen,I turn the input from USB to analog and then the PC freeze !!!nothing moving not even the mouse,I force to shutdown and repeat the whole thing twice,it hapend the same when I switch from USB to analog..I have intel i7 ,16ram ,focusrite liquid56 , windows xp64 and cubase 5.the second time I saved the project before I change from USB to analong but nothing was saved there in the third time I tried..Any thoughts ????
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Windows XP64 is the most buggy OS of all times.
I would reinstall the computer with windows 7.

sorry...vista is worse :)
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Windows XP64, Really?

There was little support for XP64 and it was was not widely adopted due to compatibility issues with drivers and the 32/64 bit compatibility was errrr not great.

I would expect a whole world of pain, especially if you have to rely on 3rd party support for that OS.

Also XP is going end of extended support very soon, so I would seriously consider upgrading to a more modern OS windows 7 probably your best bet... The wonderful people that are virus writers are surely waiting for XP to go End of Extended support to blat the machines that Microsoft will not fix with any patches.


Thanks for replying !!!!!i will sure try another os,,,windows 7. And see what happens....(here in Greece most people I know work cubase 5 with xp..they say it's more light and steady ,,I really don't know ,,I m not a PC expert..)anyway reamping is great feature and very usefull for studio work...I hope to get over it
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