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Real or fake?


I don't know why I'm thrown off,
Does this look real to you guys ?


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Fractal Fanatic
The perspective and having a rug, a blanket, and a floor behind it makes it look kind of odd.

I never understand the people who take pictures of their guitars w/ backgrounds that make it hard to see the guitar, outdoors, by the pool, too dark, etc... aren't you trying to make it look as good as possible to sell it?
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Fractal Fanatic
Serial number Z8... checks out to 2008 production.

I believe that is a Highway One Strat.

Here's a YouTube review of a sunburst version.


Fractal Fanatic
Yeah, I believe the rough parts were made in the Mexico factory and finished and assembled in the US factory. Named after Hwy 1 which runs down to the Ensenada, Mexico factory. Interesting mix of vintage and modern features.
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