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Ready for the Amp Show


Well, I officially want a new piece of equipment - I don´t really need it though. But it looks really cool.

Thanks, Fractal, thanks a lot.


these things look amazing, great job.


I just quantum'd in my pants...
Cliff is taking a giant square black metal boner to the Amp Show. Cool!!
The sploosh heard round the world!

Looks like you are going to have a busy LA amp show.

I guess there's no way these will be ready to ship by October... ;)
It just moved a little
This picture gave me an erection ;)
The picture IS an erection. With a couple FRFRs at the bottom L/R, it'd be complete.
Can it tone match the sound of ten thousand guitarists fapping at the same time?
*BOING!*... bath the girl, then bring her to my chambers.
They should be covered with snakeskin that would cause an erection by me.....
Jeez, guys, really? No wonder there are no women on these gear sites.
It's not a product I'm currently interested in, but I gotta say, that looks pretty slick. When it comes time to separate my bassist out, though, this might be the perfect thing for him.

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