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Fractal Audio Systems
This forum is for teachers and experts to advertise their services to members of our community.

This area is for SERVICES, not GOODS.

All posts in this section are moderated, meaning they will only appear once they are approved.

Only qualified guitar teachers, rig builders, and product specialists will be considered.

You must have some Fractal Audio affiliation, or at least own one or more Fractal Audio products.

You may submit a new thread if you'd like to be considered.

A post should include:
  • a summary of your qualifications and experience
  • a description of the services you offer (guitar lessons via Skype, rig design and building, product instruction, etc.)
  • information about how prospective students/clients should contact you.
  • You may include one additional web site or social media link and up to two videos.
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Please be patient about your posts. Some require approval from the Moderators. Any legitimate posts will be there eventually.
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