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Re-amping: When I play back the track it sounds much different than recording


Hey guys-

I've never re-amped before with the axe or any other device. I've got some DI tracks a friend sent me. I set the axe to recieve USB and basically create a blank stereo track, hit record, and it's playing the DI through my axe. When it plays it back, it sounds MUCH better and clearer, but once it's recorded, it sounds harsh and terrible when I play back the new 'reamped' track. What's the deal? There's no point in re-amping something if it sounds different when I re-amp it and then when I play back the recorded, re-amped part. Doesn't make any sense to me...



Fractal Audio Systems
When you play back you have to set the Input Source back to Analog or else you'll be running the DI'ed track through the processing again.
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