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Re-Amping question



I am using my Axe FX as soundcard via USB and would like to know if re-amping is possible in the mix as well, i.e. re-amping of a guitar track without the playback running through the re-amping as well.

Normally I would have to mute all other tracks in my DAW in order to not get them “re-amped” as well…how can I re-amp my single guitar track in the playback mix via USB?
Would be really great if this is possible in order to place and tweak the guitar better in the overall mix.

Looking forward to your comments.



Fractal Fanatic
I never re-amp with USB because I record and mix at 96k. But I have never had that problem. I just make sure the inputs are unique or that there is no other output assigned than the one indicated for the Axe Fx II. But this is analog. I've never tried usb.


Fractal Fanatic
I might be in a different situation however. My DAW is DP. It allows multiple audio interfaces through Core Audio thus giving me many inputs and many outputs. But I'm also bypassing the use of Apple's Aggregate Audio, which used cause a cluster. I have no idea whether they've improved it or not. Therefore I use multiple interfaces - Three Metric Halo ULN-8s to be exact. But even if I used just one, I assign multiple digital DAW outputs. It won't work if you have to assign everything to outputs 1/2 for example. I assign my DI to a unique output assignment.

In many cases I record many instances of 2 stereo tracks from AXE FX and a third clean mono DI. So I have many tracks of these three types of AF2 tracks. I always mute the output of the DI, until I need to use it, which isn't too often. When it comes time to re-amp I simply un-mute that DI. Nothing else is outputting to that track. That track is solely going to the AF2 for re-amping.
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