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Re-amping in Logic

Could someone explain the process of re-amping in Logic with the Axe-FX III?

I have attempted to re-amp my direct signal in Logic using essentially the same methods by which I would use for the II XL+, with the exception of setting up my D.I. track as outputs 5 and 6 instead of 1 and 2. Unfortunately I have not been able to successfully complete the task thus far. Could somebody explain what I have either done incorrectly or have must additionally do?


I've done this. This is done on the II XL+ as well. There seems to be another element, perhaps within Logic that may be overlooked.
You don't say if the problem is getting the signal from logic to the axe or from the axe back to logic. I can tell you it works here with no special logic funduggery. Just make a new track with input 1&2 and away she goes.
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