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Ratt In Concert last Night at House of Blues Houston


I got see RATT last night in Houston with the original members plus Carlos Cavazo from Quiet Riot playing guitar along side Warren Demartini. It was a great show. Both of them were using Soldano amps through Marshall cabs. They sounded like they were still 20 something and had chops to spare. Very enjoyable show. Warren played the snakeskin guitar for the entire night and Carlos used his Gibson Flying V for the whole show. I think Carlos' tone cut through a little better this particular night but both were outstanding.

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Warren DeMartini was one of my favorite players from that era. On a side note, man did I feel raked over the coals going to the HOB in Houston for a show not too long ago. Something like $10 for a regular beer...


Looks like that might be his rig is on his left, behind the PA speakers.

How was Stephen Pearcy? I saw them last year and he was painfully bad. Very disappointing. Carlos sounded great, though his style seemed a bit out of place for Ratt. Warren sounded good though he had technical problems most of the night.


I thought they all sounded good last night and as much as they have been playing they are probably gelling better together than when TFC saw them I would guess. Warren had two bottom cabs miked and I think the rest were for show. Carlos had one cab miked. Both had their Soldano heads on the side of the stage and small pedal boards with not much on them in the way of effects. Carlos basically kept the same ballsy cool Marshall tone the whole night and did not switch any that I could tell. Warren used a tube screamer, a flange and a delay from what I could tell from the balcony. No technical issues I could see. 2 drinks $22.00.... but it was worth it to have my ears ringing for the rest of the night and see Warren who is as close to George Lynch in style as anyone I have heard!
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I was there last night as well. The band sounded great, Warren was in top form. I've never been a Cavazo fan but he did his thing.

As for Pearcy...well, it was painful. To be honest he didn't even sing half the time. On "Loving You is a Dirty Job" he pretty much let the crowd sing the whole song, and the band would jump in where their bgv's came in. I loved getting to see the guys play and hear all the old songs, but man did Pearcy suck so bad he almost ruined the whole show.


I felt the same way last year when I saw Van Halen at the Toyota Center in Houston. The band was awesome but I left early due to David Lee Roth. He spent 15 minutes between songs telling lame stories and did not do the band justice in my opinion. Eddie is still Eddie though. Seeing EVH and Warren in the same year has been awesome.
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