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Wish Randall Satan


Fractal Fanatic
Just a question, can't you guys get that SATAN sound with some of the high gain amps already offered in the Axe FX? I have always considered that the heavy sound has a lot to do with the guitar, pickups, strings and tuning this guys use to demo this amps, i don't have a 7 or 8 string guitar, don't use that string gauge and don't go that low, but if i did i would probably achieve that SATAN tone with the axe fx, can't hear anything that special on that amp. but thats just me.
Sounds similar to the brootal crossed with the savage, but feels closer to a vh4 imo... tough bag of cookues to nail with an existing amp. I think brootal would be the closest.


Gonna bump this, if you don't mind. This amp sounds so good!

I love the controls on it too, the low frequency, high frequency and overall gain controls are really useful as well as the ability to sweep the mid-range as featured in the video.
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Vertigo 13

For now I put a drive block set to tape dist before the amp block and just play with the bass and treble controls in the drive block, it's surprisingly close! plus there's the added mid controls to play with on the axe fx 2 :D everyone should play around with this if they wanna get similar feels of the SATAN!


Did Fractal already got their hands on a Randall Satan so far..?! I hope we get this beast soon to our magic black box!!


I love how in the video there was so much information on the Gain channel and then when there was a few seconds left they were like oh yea there's a clean channel too.... it's a clean channel with options....our gain channel has a lot of options too. Of course the amp is called Satan so what am I expecting? Be cool if it were like a 4 channel beast with 3 identical channels and the clean though. I could do a whole cover show with that.
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