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randall amp?


New here
Hi, I've always liked the sound of randall amplifiers, there is a possibility that can be added to any model of this fx axe in the next updates???


Fractal Fanatic
I have an 80's Randall Rack Pre that I'd love to see modelled.
I'll have to go pull it out to see what model it is....but I had a picture of Dimebag's rig from waaay back in the day and he had the single rack space version of this pre. Mine is a 2 rack space version (because it's 2 channels). Always had a cool crunch to it that I loved. Also had a stereo chorus build it that sounded awesome.

Cliff, if you're reading this and would like to borrow my Randall Rack Pre to use for modelling...PM me and I'll drop it off.
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