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Ragdoll - Rust


Maybe I’m off base but I thought of the band Muse...except with a really good guitar player and a pissed off singer. I really liked it! :)


I really like all the layered guitar parts and the energy of the song! Congrats with this, rock on!!!


Fractal Fanatic
Congrats Leon, that sounds awesome!.....Not bad for an Aussie lol :p
Every now and then we take a break from the beach and do some work!

Outstanding! Love the lead tone!
That's the USA C++ Lead scene from the "LT MK8" preset I posted a while back.

Any chance you might shoot a video showing how you are using the Axe to record this? Not so much preset construction ... more of you recording it to achieve the big sound ...
I'll definitely be doing a video or two about the whole recording process, but this video pretty much covers my approach

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