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Rackmount Case Suggestion for Axe-Fx III

Alex Kerezy

What rackmount cases are people using???

I bought a standard depth SKB 6U rolling case, because I liked the rolling feature, but it's WAY TOO DEEP, and a waste of space. It's 17.5 inches from the front rail to the back rail. I didn't realize that before I bought it.

I really liked the "rolling" rackmount case idea. Sadly SKB doesn't offer the rolling feature on their "shallow" cases which are about 11" deep, which is perfect for the Axe-fx iii

Caseless in Columbus


I se a gator 4-space rack. Lightweight, easy, still enough depth to store cables in the back. Zippered pocket on top for extra cabling etc. Easy grip handles. The only snag is the front zippered flap is awkward to tuck underneath the rack because of the handle so the rack always tilts upward when placed on a flat surface. Some might like it.
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