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'racetra' FAS fellow user, friend gone at 55

Thoughts and condolences to all his friends and family. I think we exchanged a few posts in the past as well and for some reason this forum seems more mature and friendly than usual internet forums where there is massive madness going on.
Even I never met a person here, it still feels like "know him" abit at least.
So when seeing a post like this it moves me like someone I knew.

My father passed away when I was young, he was only 50. At that time I thought, still, 50 is veeeerryyy old so not too bad. Now I am 51 myself... feel like I am only half way through my life experience.

Enjoy it while it lasts people
This really saddens me. I helped him a few times thru Skype to setup his FAMC Liquid Foot+ Pro+ with his Axe-Fx II. In mid February he upgraded from a Mark I to a XL+ and contacted me for help to get his LF+ Pro+ working with it. He said his health was getting pretty bad and then I never heard from him again :(

RIP Tracy
Such sad news.

Condolences to the family and friends. Please let them know he had friends all over the world.
Tracey was one of the first people i chatted with on the fas forums. He was very helpful and nice. I would watch his videos of him playing the axe fx ultra and was one of the many influences that convinced me to buy the ultra. heres one of his vids that i thought really shows what a great guitarist he is. Such a Great person.
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