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RAC 12 equivelent for Ultra?


Is there any products that are similar to the RAC 12 that work with the Ultra? I like the idea of quick amp knob adjustments.


Even better, is there a way to take midi cc messages and apply them as bass/mid/treble/gain/ect changes on the Ultra?


Fractal Fanatic
I did this many years ago with an old Behringer BCF2000. The BCR2000 probably would have worked better, but the main thing is that it isn't just standard MIDI data; it's sysex and at least for me it was pretty tough to decipher and then program....but I'm not an expert so that may have contributed significantly to my problems.

One of the bigger issues was that there was no two way communication which meant that whatever value the controller was last at would be the starting point for any adjustment which meant when trying make a quick or fine adjustment it'd be way off as soon as I touched it.

PALYGAP is most likely the best person to talk to about this.



Thanks Shasha, I'll check that out.

Sebastos08, unfortunately thats not in the budget for this year! Even though the AX8 looks tempting....
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