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Quickly repeat Modifier assignments?


Fractal Fanatic
I have become accustomed to attaching the same modifier to the same parameter, and using my midi pedal to continuously control them. However, for the longest time, I have hoped for a way to temporarily suspend the attachment of the modifier so I could freely turn the parameter and settle on a setting (for example, I attach a modifier to the drive knob of the amp block, which then means it will only respond to a CC command, whereas I'd like to be able to turn the knob and audition the drive setting position for a particular section of the song, and then make a note of that setting, and later program my midi controller to send the appropriate CC value to achieve it).

I thought maybe the solution would be to save a controller block that has no modifier assignments, and save a second controller block, which has my dozen or so standard assignments and switch between them to activate and deactivate them while I'm tweaking a preset.

However, although I can save and name a controller block, it doesn't seem to really do anything to refresh the modifier assignments.

Am I using the controller block save feature incorrectly, or is this something that can be accomplished?

Thank you.


The modifier would be stored with the amp block data, not the controllers block. You could do this by saving the amp block or just copy it to the clipboard, remove modifier, adjust & note value, paste copied amp.

Since you must be using an Ext Ctrl to do this, it might be easier to adjust its initial value in the I/O menu without removing the modifier. Note the value that sounds good, convert from % to 0-127 CC value scale. It doesn't really matter where you leave the init. value as this becomes irrelevant once you send any value for the associated CC#.

Alternatively (and on Axe II where Ext Ctrl init. values are just 0 or 100%) you can adjust the modifier start or end value (whichever one the dot is at, assuming init. value of 0 or 100%). In this case you should set it back to the original value once you note the desired %.
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