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Quickie review, v10.0


Well Axe FX v 10.0 is out now. I downloaded this morning and had a chance spend
some time with it today. Here is my quick review.

The new amp models. Just wow. They are all spectacular, even the ‘surprise’ model
Marshall 1987X. Cliff is the best amp modeler in the world now. The Shiva clean channel
is simply great, the lead channel has the signature intense, yet smooth, sing. The Marsha BE is just
awesome low gain. Rock rythym perfection. And then there is the HBE Marsha.
It is IMHO, the best gain amp model in the Axe now. If fact, it may be the best
digital amp model in ANY modeler on the planet!

I cant imagine a more perfectly executed modded-Marshall. An ideal balance of
meaty mids, treble rip, and percussiveness. If you want to hear what the reworked
Presence control sounds like, go direct to the HBE model. It really benefits from the
new programming with amazing percussion on picked single notes. The new presence
really is an audible improvement. It makes the Axe ‘feel’ more real. Cliff keeps
bringing the incremental improvements. I didn’t think 9.03 left much room for improvement,
but someone forgot to tell Cliff that.

The new fuzzes. We needed ‘em. Only a Big Muff and Tonebender was not enough.
The Fuzz Face will now be everyone’s ‘go to’ fuzz. It has all the best character of
Germanium fuzz without the aggravating sensitivity (I had an Analog Man Sun Lion
which could be either the Voice of God or a transistor radio from day to day).
I tried sticking a GEQ after it and what a combo! A little bump in the low mids, and its
“Are You Experienced”.

The Maestro Fuzz is, well, a specialty item. The first commercially available
Fuzz, it’s a splattery, pinched, ugly pooch. A nice addition, but not the most
versatile, or musical of analog devices. Can we get a Univox Super Fuzz next??
My band covers “Who’s That Lady” and I need to get my Ernie Isley on!

10.0 is evidence that Cliff just keeps getting better and better at modeling.
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