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Quick Tone Matching Tutorial


Fractal Audio Systems
Question/issue: sending OUT2 to the device you're going to Tonematch isn't exactly the same as plugging the guitar directly into it, the impedance is different therefore the quality isn't the same. Wouldn't it be better to use a good quality AB/Y pedal in front of both the Axe and the unit we're going to Tonematch?


You can do that and sometimes I use that technique. I haven't noticed any difference. The input impedance of the Axe-Fx is very similar to a tube amp so you are loading the guitar the same.


I like using the guitar to get the gain / drive matched up between the DUT and AxeFx, but would there any advantage to switching to pink noise for the final match / refinement?



Connection Summary:

Connect Output 2 Left to DUT (Device Under Test) input.
Connect DUT output to Input 2 Left.
Set Output 2 Level knob to maximum.

AFX Output 2 Left to Test Amp In (no Return amp) ???
And Mic to external preamp, output preamp to Input 2 Left ???
Right ?


AFX Output 2 Left to Test Amp In (no Return amp) ???
Not sure what you're asking here. When you say "no return amp," do you mean no amp output to Axe II? If so, you're right. Running an amp's output into the Axe would not end well. That's what the mic and preamp are for.

And Mic to external preamp, output preamp to Input 2 Left ???
Right ?


Thanks. Let's say I don't want to spend another $600. I've got Shure SM58, Rode NT1, Nuemann U67 Condenser, Cascade Fathead Ribbon and a few others. Not sure which is best to use.

Do a quick test with each and see which you like. If you have more than one mic pre, or a mixer or audio interface with more than one mic input, you can use multiple mics. Putting a mic behind an open back cabinet helps with IR's or TMA's of an open back cab (the rear mic level should be lower than the front mics and the phase should be inverted on the mic pre).

Your Cascade Fathead should play nicely with other mics if pulled back 4-8" from the grill.

If you want to try a reference mic the Behringer ECM8000 (approx $55) is surprisingly good, not quite as flat and a little more aggressive than an Earthworks but for the price it's outstanding (you'll probably get more coloration from your mic pre than the difference between an Earthworks and the ECM8000).
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I used to have a Boss AD2 pedal that I just loved. I was wondering if I could Tone match a boss Adaptive Distortion pedal. Or if you could please add this to the distortion pedals in the fractals. I.own both the Axe Fx 2 XL and a AX8 that I would love to have it. I would need to hunt down and buy one of the pedals because I think they discountinued them.
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