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Quick demo with Fryette, Friedman, Bassman, Vox and ML Sound Lab tones.



With Mikko of ML Sound Lab announcing his new Cab Pack competition I figured I'd post a demo of something I was working on recently.

As I'm an ML Beta tester I'm not entering the comp, but it was a good excuse to post something from a couple of months back as a break from working on the album I have in the works.

For details of the competition follow the link.
Basically, post a clip on any social media platform using ML Sound Lab IRs with the hashtag #mlsoundlab and you'll be in the running to win every ML Sound Lab cab pack released to date.


For this demo I used ML Zilla All Mix (my favourite IR ever) and ML Brit PR75 SM57-M160 01 from CP20.

Dirty tones are the Fryette D60M and Friedman HBE.
Clean/breakup intro guitars are a combination of a Bassguy (can't remember which on and a Class A 30W TB Vox.

The bass was a Citrus Bass through an ML USA Bass IR as well.

This was just a quick recording and mix to get the idea down and see if it flowed right.
The intro was an afterthought but I'm actually thinking of writing a full song around it and coming up with a new intro for this song.
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